22 weeks

Life has been absolutely crazy.  So here is my update for the last 3 (sorry!) weeks.

The biggest news of all is that we found out that we’re having a little BOY!  Our ultrasound was 9/23 and I was almost 21 weeks.  Here are the pictures:

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How far along: 22 weeks

How big is baby: About 11 inches? I’m super excited that the doctor said after my ultrasound that we should be on track to have an average sized baby.  I was huuuuuuge.  Like over 10 lbs and 24 inches long huge.  Average sounds great to me!

How I’m feeling: Sleepy, excited, heavy.

Weight: Still haven’t gained much weight.  I’m guessing that I’ve gained 5 to 6 lbs during this pregnancy.  Totally just eating whatever I feel like until further notice. Hello cupcakes.

How I’m changing: I’m looking more and more pregnant all the time.  I feel like my belly button is getting more shallow also.  Weird.

What I miss: Caffeine!

Symptoms: I’ve been getting some lower back aches.  My biggest symptom is definitely moodiness right now.  I could cry over anything!

Cravings: Lately, I’ve been craving a lot of sweets!

What I’m NOT craving: BBQ. Gag me.

Movement: Yes! I have even seen a couple from the outside.  Kirby still hasn’t felt anything yet, though.

What I’m looking forward to: My baby shower is a month from today.  We registered for gifts over the past weekend.  Not trying to sound greedy here, but I think it will be so exciting to be able to start really getting ready for baby.  Also, I’m really excited to see friends and family!

And now for some bump photos:

20 weeks

20 weeks

21 weeks cropped

21 weeks

22 weeks edited

22 weeks

I think I look the most pregnant in the 20 week picture! It must be the clothes.


19 weeks

Well, here I am – 19 weeks pregnant! As I am writing this a day late, we are only 6 days away from the potential halfway point in the pregnancy.  Wow!  

Not much to update from last week.  I did have an appointment.  It wasn’t with my normal doctor, but with a nurse practitioner at the same place.  I liked her a lot.  She helped me find the top of my uterus, which was right below my belly button. I couldn’t believe it.  She found the heartbeat right there too (140bpm).  I’ve only been able to find it myself very low, about right where my pants sit.  

I am pretty confident in saying that I am feeling baby move.  It isn’t frequent and the movements are mostly little flutters, but I think that it’s baby.  I did have one sensation where it felt like baby was rolling.  That was a little strange, but definitely could not be confused with gas!

I got to move up my anatomy scan to 9/23 from 9/27.  I’m excited that it’s only about a week and a half away.  I hope baby cooperates and we can find out if it’s a he or a she!

We tore our carpet out and the layers are here as I type.  Well not here, but sitting in their van taking a break I think…  Anyway, that’s why the picture’s a little different.  But, here it is:

19 weeks cropped

19 weeks

18 Weeks

Hello out there! I was bad and skipped another week.  I know I’m only at school 3 days a week but man, with that and everything else going on in our lives it just didn’t get done!

I decided to try this survey thing that I stole from another pregnant blogger (Thanks, Madeleine!) .  So without further ado…

How far along: 18 weeks

How big is baby: I’ve seen on a few different places that baby is anywhere from 5.5 to 6.5 inches from crown to rump.  I’m guessing on the bigger side if baby takes after me.

How I’m feeling: Sleepy, occasionally still crampy, and lots of headaches but I’m going to the chiropractor to combat them, but overall feeling great!

Weight: I’m not bold enough to answer this one with a number.  I was worried in past weeks about not gaining enough, and then losing some once I started school and was more active.  But, I gained enough over Labor Day weekend that I’m back on track.  I guess that’s a good thing?  I’m up 4-5 lbs from pre-pregnancy.

How I’m changing: I think I’m starting to actually look pregnant if I wear the right clothes.  I had my first student ask me today if I am pregnant yesterday!

What I miss: I miss sleeping through the night! And I know that I won’t be getting that back anytime soon, but it’s totally worth it!

Symptoms: I think I basically covered this in the “how I’m feeling” section, except that I am still having major food aversions.  More on that below…

Cravings: I honestly am not sure if I’m having real cravings or if things just sound good right now.  But, I’d take some wonton soup and crab rangoons.

What I’m NOT craving: Mexican food. Blech.

Movement: I can say with 99% certainty that I felt baby move yesterday!  I had been feeling some questionable flutters, etc before but yesterday it felt like baby did a flip!  It was the most amazing thing! I can’t wait until the movement becomes more regular!

What I’m looking forward too: The anatomy scan still seems so far away!  I’m scheduled for Sept 27 and I’ll be 22 1/2 weeks for that. I’m not sure why I have to wait so long.  My next appointment is 9/9 so I plan to ask why I am waiting that long and if I can schedule it for sooner (if they have a time available).  I can’t wait to find out if our little one is a boy or a girl!

Here’s a photo from this week and last week:

17 weeks edited

17 weeks

18 weeks edited

18 weeks



16 weeks

Every week, as the week number goes up, I just cannot believe it.  I mean, 16, that’s a big number. What will I think at 35?!

Anyway… this week has been a busy one.  We started teacher in-service days last week and things are going great.  I’m writing this on Tuesday and tomorrow is my official first day with students. I’m super nervous, but also excited to get things going and meet the kids. For anyone interested, here are some photos of  my classroom:


The entryway to my classroom.


Along the side wall – the desks are there because I share the room with Spanish.


The front of the room


Another view of the front



Overall, 16 weeks feels a lot like 15 weeks.  Short, random bouts of nausea, but nothing unmanageable.  My back and neck have been a little achy lately, which is no fun.  I might give my chiropractor a call and see if he can adjust me while I’m pregnant.

I wish so much that I could feel baby movements.  I feel random things sometimes, I don’t know if it’s my food digesting or what.  I eagerly anticipate the moment that I feel something and know for sure that it’s baby!  I know he/she is moving in there  because sometimes, when I use my doppler, I’ll find the heartbeat in one place just for a few seconds.  Then it will go away and move somewhere else.  I just want to FEEL it!

Here’s my belly photo for the week!

16 weeks!

16 weeks!

15 weeks

I am officially 15 weeks pregnant! Little baby was doing fine at his/her checkup this week.  Baby’s heartrate was 152bpm.  If those gender myths really do hold true that that points to girl! We’ll see about that in a month and a half.

School work days started this week and I am exhausted! I didn’t realize how tired pregnancy was making me until I didn’t have the option to take a nap or sit down with my feet up for a while if I felt the need.  Luckily, I will only be teaching Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Those days off should give me a chance for some much needed rest!  Other than that, I have had the occasional wave of nausea, usually brought on by food that smells strongly.

I woke up on Friday of last week with a huge bump on my nose and my left eye swollen.  I will keep the embarrassing picture to myself, but let’s just say I looked a little mutilated.  I went to the doctor and they gave me some antibiotics. I am getting a little frustrated about how slowly they are working. I don’t know what kind of infection this is, but I wish it would just go away! I have a few more days’ worth of antibiotics and if the bump is still there I’ll call the doctor.  Until it goes away, I’m stuck wearing my glasses.  I am thankful the the glasses hide the bump pretty well.

I am a little bummed that when I scheduled my anatomy ultrasound, I have to wait until I am a little over 21 weeks.  That seems so far away! Kirby and I can’t wait to see our little one again and we are excited to find out if it’s a little boy or girl!

Here’s my picture from this week:

15 weeks edited

15 weeks

I think I look smaller than last week, but as I said before… Last week I was really full after dinner and this one was before dinner. I can’t wait to really look pregnant and not just chubby!

13/14 Weeks

So, I was bad and missed a week.  Oops!  Life has been good. I’m getting ready for school to start back up, plus we painted baby’s room!  I’ll add pictures when it’s more “put together”.

I’ve been feeling great! My nausea is almost gone and I have had a lot more energy to get work done lately.  It’s wonderful!  They only worrisome thing I’ve been dealing with over the past couple of weeks would be strange pregnancy dreams.  In particular, dreams about having to give my baby away, losing my baby, or miscarrying.  It’s weird, because I have actually been less worried lately, so I wonder why the weird dreams started when they did.  I am so glad I have my doppler and I can check on baby’s heartbeat whenever I wake up from a scary dream.  It’s still there, thumping away somewhere between 150 and 170 beats per minute.  Love it!

So, here are my pictures from the last two weeks:

13 weeks

13 weeks

14 weeks

14 weeks

*I took the 14 weeks picture after dinner, so maybe I’m bigger than I would have been.  It was a hectic day!

12 Weeks

Well, today baby is the big 1-2 (weeks gestation).  12 weeks has always seemed like the magic number to me.  In my mind, I pictured smooth sailing from this point on.  Last night I had my first miscarriage dream, so… not so smooth sailing at the moment.  But, I did find baby on the doppler last night too, so most likely things are fine.

Physically, I’ve been doing much better over the last week.  I have still had the occasional nausea, but much less frequently.  My biggest symptoms at the moment are fatigue, food aversions, and wacky emotions (grumpiness – poor Kirby).

Kirby and I just got back from a trip with his side of the family to Utah.  It was great to see everyone, but I am still exhausted!  I hate hate hate flying and it caused a little extra stress about the baby, but all seems to be well at the moment.  I am feeling super chunky after vacation.  I ate terribly, but constantly (to keep nausea at bay) and I think I have a little extra pudge to show for it.  I am up about 3 or 4 pounds from the beginning of pregnancy.  According to the internet, that’s about normal for this point, but I feel so big.

My one souvenir from the trip is an allergic reaction to something… I’m guessing the lotion/shampoo/conditioner at the hotel.  I have itchy hives on my arms, legs, neck, and jawline.  So that’s fun.  I am writing this because, in an effort to keep myself from going insane my outfit and hair in today’s picture are less than fabulous.  The tank top keeps the shirt away from my itchy neck and my hair is in a bun for the same reason.  I’m avoiding makeup until the rash goes away too. It’s definitely not my best look, but here’s this week’s picture:

12 Weeks

12 Weeks

When I made my Walgreen’s run (desperate for Benadryl), I picked up a digital pregnancy test so I could take this photo:

Announcement for FB

We’ll use it when we make baby Facebook official on the day I turn 13 weeks. I was hesitant to make an announcement to the world until about the moment that I took that picture.  Now I want to do it today (but I won’t).