16 weeks

Every week, as the week number goes up, I just cannot believe it.  I mean, 16, that’s a big number. What will I think at 35?!

Anyway… this week has been a busy one.  We started teacher in-service days last week and things are going great.  I’m writing this on Tuesday and tomorrow is my official first day with students. I’m super nervous, but also excited to get things going and meet the kids. For anyone interested, here are some photos of  my classroom:


The entryway to my classroom.


Along the side wall – the desks are there because I share the room with Spanish.


The front of the room


Another view of the front



Overall, 16 weeks feels a lot like 15 weeks.  Short, random bouts of nausea, but nothing unmanageable.  My back and neck have been a little achy lately, which is no fun.  I might give my chiropractor a call and see if he can adjust me while I’m pregnant.

I wish so much that I could feel baby movements.  I feel random things sometimes, I don’t know if it’s my food digesting or what.  I eagerly anticipate the moment that I feel something and know for sure that it’s baby!  I know he/she is moving in there  because sometimes, when I use my doppler, I’ll find the heartbeat in one place just for a few seconds.  Then it will go away and move somewhere else.  I just want to FEEL it!

Here’s my belly photo for the week!

16 weeks!

16 weeks!

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